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  Download Latha.ttf  
  Link URL :  
  1. Click the Start button located in the lower left hand corner of the screen
2. Select Control Panel from the Settings menu
3. Double click on the Fonts icon found in the Control Panel
4. Select the 'Install New Font' option from the 'File Menu'
5. Under the 'Drives' dropdown box, select the drive in which the 'latha.ttf' file has been saved
6. Under the 'Folders' list box, switch to the directory in which you have saved 'latha.ttf
7. latha.ttf will be among the fonts displayed in the 'List of Fonts' list box.  Click to choose 'latha.ttf' from the 'List of fonts
8. Click 'OK'
9. Restart your browser
10. After completing the above process, your web browser will automatically display Tamil characters whenever you access